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LayerFive Launches Interactive Privacy Portal to save GDPR/CCPA compliance cost

LayerFive Launches Interactive Privacy Portal to save GDPRCCPA compliance cost

Fremont, California Apr 20, 2021 (Issuewire.com) – LayerFive came out of stealth and announced the launch of a unified consumer data platform with a self-serve interactive privacy portal to save GDPR/CCPA compliance cost while building consumer trust.


The LayerFive Interactive Privacy Portal is designed to make GDPR/CCPA compliance quick, simple, and smooth. Their strategy is to simplify the workflow by obtaining all the consumer data in one place and then enabling the consumer to access their data at any time by using a protected online portal. Through the portal, the consumer can update their data, opt-in and out of marketing choices, and request removal of their data.


From the consumer point of view, simplifying this complex workflow into a simple self-service Interactive Privacy Portal will ensure that consumers will have a great experience resulting in improved customer satisfaction and should decrease the number of complaints you should manage.


From the Enterprises point of view making, a self-service Interactive Privacy Portal will significantly decrease the cost burden on the organization to conform with the requirements under GDPR/CCPA and other new privacy regulations being enacted in various states in the US and in many countries across the world.


How LayerFive Interactive Privacy Portal Works:


  • LayerFive’s Consumer Data Platform uses patent-pending AI-based identity resolution technology that unifies consumer data from all enterprise data sources into a single view of the consumer

  • Authenticated consumers get access to all their data within their profile and can exercise their privacy rights at any time.

  • Out-of-box plug-in with e-commerce platforms e.g., Shopify and Magento, that enables a privacy compliance portal within the authenticated consumer’s profile.


About LayerFive


LayerFive is a unified consumer data platform that helps brands generate significant marketing ROI uplift using their first-party data and helps save costs on GDPR/CCPA compliance. We use first-party AI-based identity resolution to unify consumer identities across all enterprise sources, including websites, mobile apps, CRM, customer service systems, loyalty, etc. And we offer omnichannel attribution, customer life-cycle insights, and self-serve privacy compliance using the unified view of the consumer.



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