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We The Farmers (The Begining).

Composition, arrangement, performance, recording and production by Saptarshi Basu. (Piklu).
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We The Farmers (The Begining), is a musical track composed, arranged, performed, and recorded by Saptarshi Basu (Piklu). The track is distributed to the market under the label of United Masters.

The composer composed the base melody many years back but after covid and after losing a family member by the end of 2020, he decided to release a track to pay a tribute through his music.

So, in the January of 2021, he recorded the track and eventually dedicated it to universal peace. 

During those months in India, a massive farmer uprising took place. The movement is continuing even today. In India, the backbone of the nation is farming and a real socialist can never ignore farmers anywhere in the world. Their voices are always important for humanity. It’s due to farming we have evolved as a race we have settled we have made cities and all. The entire evolution of humanity is based on farming. And in India, this truth is known to all. So, the composer named the track after the farmers to pay his tribute. 

He said that “this track is dedicated to the farmers, workers and all the poor and underprivileged people in this globe. We humans being social creatures by nature should never forget socialism. So always be compassionate and live for others because eventually, you are living for yourself. If everyone around is living well then automatically you will live well too”. 

The instruments used in this track are acoustic guitar and Indian flute. No recording studio is used. The arrangement is done in a small room and the recording is done by smartphone using bandlab. But with such basic facilities expression did come out. In the early days, people used to record further dire situations, by taking courage from those musicians the artist recorded this particular track. He said that “the music will definitely give you happiness with a strong sense of peace, tranquility, and freedom”. What he meant by that is about the mood that the melody sets.

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Moreover, anyone can easily search for the keywords “Saptarshi Basu Piklu” on Google. Or can search for “piklu_official” on Instagram.


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